Speculative Machine–A Workshop for the Museum of the Future

The Natural History Museum’s co-founders will lead a workshop at the Miami Museum of Art and Design that will generate methodologies for how the cultural sector and citizens of Miami can contribute to the climate justice movement. The event coincides with the exhibition SUPERFLEX: We Are All in the Same Boat. 

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Speculative Machine–Exhibitions of Earthly Truth and Metaphor

The NHM’s co-founders will join Dr. Angela Colbert, Senior Director of Learning at the Frost Science Museum to discuss strategies for presenting scientific fact in an exhibition context, the responsibility of cultural institutions to respond to climate change, and the politics that shape visual representations of nature.

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Fake News, Flat Planets and Hot Winters: Museums, Climate Change and Public Discourse

Embedded in a political landscape that is increasingly fueled by “fake news” and distorted facts, museums are being challenged to ditch “neutral” positions on polarizing topics and embrace advocacy positions. This panel at the 2019 American Alliance of Museums convention explores the emerging interface between public discourse and the changing roles of museums through the topic of climate change. 

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