Exhibition: “Hlk’yak’ii: To Start a Fire”

The Natural History Museum is pleased to take part Hlk’yak’ii: To Start A Fire, a group exhibition at the Haida Gwaii Museum that aims to facilitate and promote sovereign and sustainable solutions to energy independence and human resilience in the face of climate change. 

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About NHM: an artist statement from Not An Alternative

The Natural History Museum (NHM) is a program of Not An Alternative, a non-profit organization and collective that works at the interaction of art, activism, cultural organizing and critical theory. Since launching in 2014, NHM has grown into a formidable institution in its own right. This artist statement situates NHM’s work within its broader art/activism practice.

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Whale People: Outdoor Exhibition + IMAX-Style Film

This outdoor exhibition and IMAX-style film features a 3,000 pound killer whale totem, underwater orca footage, multi-channel projections, and footage from the First Nations-led protests against the proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline. Join us for its debut at Lummi Nation with a program featuring speakers dedicated to the protection of the Salish Sea and the orcas who call it home.

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Welcoming two new team members!

We are thrilled to be working with two new team members, please join us in welcoming Storytelling Fellow Ruth Miller (Curyung Tribe) and Senior Research Fellow Mark Auslander. Sending socially distanced virtual elbow bumps their way.

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