‘Spirit of the Waters’ Totem Pole Journey & Whale People Exhibit

This May, Lummi carvers will transport an orca totem pole, salmon carvings, and our award-winning “Whale People” exhibit to communities throughout the Salish Sea and Snake River bioregion. The journey will draw attention to the extinction crisis facing Pacific Northwest salmon and orcas, and build support for the movement to remove the Snake River dams.

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Seneca Lake Fracking Infrastructure Tour

Seneca Lake is the largest body of fresh water wholly contained within the New York State. Its beauty is breathtaking, its water resource invaluable. But it has one other fairly unique physical feature. Under the lake are salt caverns, huge underground hollow expanses. A company called Crestwood is eyeing the caverns as a storage facility and transport hub for fracked gas. On this expedition we are joined by scientists familiar with the region’s unique geology and local activists who are fighting the proposed infrastructure project.

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Toxic Risk, Climate Change and Human Health

Scientist Linda S. Birnbaum, Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) joined this expedition along Brooklyn’s waterfront with interest in assessing contamination exposure risks to human health, and threats from extreme weather events such as Hurricane Sandy. The Sunset Park neighborhood an environmentally overburdened area within NYC’s storm surge zone.

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