Exhibition: “Hlk’yak’ii: To Start a Fire”

The Natural History Museum is pleased to take part Hlk’yak’ii: To Start A Fire, a group exhibition at the Haida Gwaii Museum that aims to facilitate and promote sovereign and sustainable solutions to energy independence and human resilience in the face of climate change. 

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Salmon People: Tracing Indigenous resistance across the Pacific Northwest

NHM Storytelling Fellow Ruth Miller (Łchavaya K’isen) will talk about a powerful visual narrative project we are developing. United by resistance to development projects that threaten cultural preservation and subsistence food systems, the Yupik, Alutiiq and Dena’ina peoples of Bristol Bay, the Lummi Nation, the Yurok Tribe and the Nez Perce Tribe enter into a regional dialogue through a digital storytelling initiative that unsettles Western conceptions of land, food, and object-hood.

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