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Power Beyond Extraction

Programming Series and Day of Action in Pittsburgh

Alcatraz: An Unfinished Occupation

Canoe Journey and Programming Series in the Bay Area


Whale People: Protectors of the Sea

Exhibition by The Natural History Museum with the Lummi Nation

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Whale People: Outdoor Exhibition + IMAX-Style Film

Dedicated to the protection of the Salish Sea and the orcas who call it home, this outdoor exhibition and IMAX-style film features a 3,000 pound killer whale totem, underwater orca footage, multi-channel projections, and footage from the First Nations-led protests against the proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline. We’ll start with a program featuring Lummi leaders who can speak to the latest efforts in the campaign to protect the sea, the orcas, the salmon, Indigenous lifeways and treaty rights, and in the context of the climate and biodiversity crises, our collective future.

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Standing in Solidarity with Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut

50 years ago, Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut was violently abducted from her orca family and Salish Sea home, transported to Miami and placed in a tiny concrete tank. Bringing her home will help heal her orca and Lummi families and the Salish Sea. It will be a step in upholding the rights of Indigenous Peoples throughout the world who are working to protect their homes, their relations, and their ancestral ways.

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Like The Waters, We Rise: Climate Justice in Print

The Natural History Museum is pleased to take part in this group exhibition Like the Waters, We Rise, featuring a selection of print-based work that documents the contemporary Climate Justice Movement (2005-present), which is in truth a movement made up of movements, illuminating the many struggles, flashpoints, and victories by which communities have taken collective action.

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From the Blog

New outdoor exhibition and IMAX-style film venue

This weekend we debuted our new traveling, outdoor exhibition and IMAX-style film projection venue at Lummi Nation, with a presentation of “Whale People: Protectors of the Sea”.

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Welcoming two new team members!

We are thrilled to be working with two new team members, please join us in welcoming Storytelling Fellow Ruth Miller (Curyung Tribe) and Senior Research Fellow Mark Auslander. Sending socially distanced virtual elbow bumps their way.

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Summer 2020 Update

As a flexible, skunkworks framework, we’ve been working for years to model the museum of the future, one that aligns its interests with the needs of communities that are leading the fight for a safe and equitable future for all. As we bear witness to intensifying calls on society and our bedrock institutions to address systemic racism and inequality and to decolonize, this work has become all the more relevant.

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Award-Winning Media, from Cannes to AmDocs

Our award-winning films, exhibitions, journalism and events situate pressing contemporary concerns within broader narratives of science, culture and natural history, and provide on-ramps for people to take action and make an impact. This year our film Whale People: Protectors of the Sea won Best Environmental Film and Best Editing awards at international film festivals.

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