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Mining the HMNS

An Investigation by The Natural History Museum

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Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums Conference

The Natural History Museum team is heading down to Wilmington, Delaware for the weekend to attend the Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums (MAAM) annual conference. The theme this year, Museums Exposed: Real

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Association of Science and Technology Centers Convention

The Natural History Museum is in Tampa for the ASTC convention. If you’re around, come visit us at Booth #234. We don’t have our museum bus on the floor this year, but we have lots of buttons and shwag, and some shiny new programs to share with you.

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Mining the HMNS

Is the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences a museum, or a PR front for the fossil fuel industry? This is the central question of “Mining the HMNS”, an exhibition by The Natural History Museum that interrogates the symbiotic relationship between the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences and its corporate sponsors.

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Archaeologists & Museums Denounce Destruction of Standing Rock Sioux Burial Grounds

We stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and affirm their treaty rights, tribal sovereignty, and the protection of their lands, waters, cultural and sacred sites, and we stand with all those attempting to prevent further irreparable losses.

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Reframing Science Denial

Fossil fuel interests are still knee-deep in climate science denial–-in pushing policies and perspectives that deny the scientific consensus that we must keep carbon in the ground to avoid catastrophic climate change, the Kochs and the fossil fuel companies behind “Fueling US Forward” are science deniers. Full stop.

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Dr. James Hansen on Exxon Sponsorship

Dr. James Hansen, Kerry Emmanuel, Bob Ward, and hundreds of scientists are joining The Natural History Museum and ClimateTruth.org in urging the world’s largest association of Earth scientists to drop Exxon sponsorship. Join us–add your name to the petition.

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Another museum cuts ties to fossil fuels

The Leonardo in Utah is the latest museum to cut ties to fossil fuels. The museum has committed to divest from fossil fuels and to implement a new gifts policy refusing funds from fossil fuel interests. This is what leadership looks like.

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