Coming Soon! New Exhibit Launching This Fall

September 15, 2017

The Natural History Museum is developing a new exhibition with the House of Tears Carvers of the Lummi Nation that will launch this Fall.

The exhibition will debut at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, during “The Anthropocene: Museums in the Age of Humanity,” a conference organized by the International Council of Museums. The conference will open with a pole blessing ceremony led by Faith Spotted Eagle (Yankton Sioux) and Jewell and Doug James (Lummi Nation), and attended by the Mayor of Pittsburgh and hundreds of delegates from museums around the world.

The exhibition is based on the Totem Pole Journey led by Jewell James and the House of Tears Carvers, a multi-year Indigenous-led initiative to raise awareness about our sacred obligation to protect water, land and our collective future.

During the 6 months it’s on display we will organize public screenings, discussions, workshops and tours with our museum bus to investigate local threats and efforts to protect the environment, public health, and local cultures — connecting history to the present, and the museum to the world beyond its walls.

Check out the upcoming exhibit and programming.