Artist Talk with The Natural History Museum and Lummi Tribal Council Member Freddie Lane

May. 30, 2019 - May. 30, 2019 University of Oregon, Departments of Art History and Environmental Studies

New alliances and expanded support are vital for Indigenous-led and community-based efforts to respond to climate change and environmental emergencies. The Lummi Nation of the Pacific Northwest is addressing marine biodiversity conservation, carbon industrial expansion, and energy transition with their strategies to protect the Salish Sea. These strategies include exhibits at major museums that engage scientists, activists, and mass audiences. Representatives from the Lummi and their partner The Natural History Museum will share videos, visuals, and stories of how this work came together, and how it is part of a larger effort to transform museums—which are highly trusted, widely visited, and a $50 billion industry—into champions for environmental progress and science for the public good.