Lummi Totem Pole Journey in Portland

Oct. 17, 2017 - Oct. 17, 2017 The Breathe Building, 2305 SE 50th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97215

See the facebook event for more information

The House of Tears Carvers of the Lummi Nation will travel again across the western United States and Canada with a totem pole to bring attention to proposed fossil fuel terminals, pipelines, and other facilities and the threat they pose to tribes and local communities.

The journey follows the 2016 decision of the Corps of Engineers to deny the permit for the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal coal terminal at Cherry Point based on its potential impacts on the treaty fishing rights of the Lummi Nation. This tour, Kwel’Hoy, We Draw the Line!, will celebrate victories, commemorate alliances, and prepare for the coming battles as we work together for the protection of mother earth.

Join us in this unique, indigenous event that will connect us all to the local fights we face, like the Jordan Cove LNG proposal, with information about how to get involved. Presenters and performers will thread together our hearts and minds because what moves us is also what motivates us.

This Totem Pole Journey will also include a multi-media pop-up exhibit produced by The Natural History Museum in collaboration with Freddie Lane of Lummi Nation.