Public Lab OpenHour: Art in Environmental Science Advocacy

May. 1, 2017 - May. 1, 2017 Online

Join us for an online “OpenHour” discussion hosted by Public Lab featuring The Natural History Museum on the topic of Art in Environmental Science Advocacy!

More information, including a recording of the discussion, is available below.

May 1st: Art in Environmental Science Advocacy

Often environmental issues are politically charged, hard to understand, and difficult to approach. Art can be a powerful way to open and share a dialogue about environmental issues. Environmental advocacy art has taken many forms: documentaries, visual pieces, spoken and written word, and performance to name a few. All of these tools help us to engage our brains in new ways, and with new people, about the environmental challenges our communities face. In this OpenHour we were joined by a few people who exercise the intersections of Art and Environmental Science in their work:

  • Jason Jones of The Natural History Museum, a mobile and pop-up museum that highlights the socio-political forces that shape nature, and champions bold climate action. Beka and Jason are co-founders of Not An Alternative a collective that works at the intersection of art, activism and critical theory.
  • Catherine D’Ignazio: Assistant Professor of Civic Media and Data Visualization at Emerson College. Catherine’s work includes Boston Coastline: Future Past and the Babbling Brook.
  • Matej Vakula is a New York based artist, educator & DIY enthusiast. Co-founder of CLAKULA Art Productions and Founding Director of Open Source Space Administration Institute for Alternative Research, Matej’s work explores the impact of culture, technology, location and politics on personal experience, social interrelationships, body, and nature.


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