Saturday Symposium: The Environment @ Petzel Gallery

Feb. 4, 2017 - Feb. 4, 2017 Petzel Gallery

We’re joining the Petzel Gallery for this symposium in association with their current exhibition “We need to talk…,” which serves as a public forum for participation, conversation, and debate.

Saturday Symposium: The Environment

This symposium style event will focus on current environmental issues and solutions beginning with a screening of “Standing Rock is Everywhere” in the early afternoon, followed by talks given by Beka Economopoulos (The Natural History Museum) and Dr. Karen Holmberg (Visiting Scholar, New York University). For more details on each of the presenters, please scroll down to the bottom of this event description.

As the escalation of climate change threatens communities globally and we continue to exploit natural resources beyond their capacities, we must turn a critical eye on our own contributions to these problems and use creative cooperation between fields to seek out solutions.

The symposium will begin at 3:00 pm with a screening of Doug McLean’s “Standing Rock is Everywhere,” introduced with a message from the artist.

At 4pm, Beka Economopoulos, co-founder of The Natural History Museum, will give a talk on “Tactics for the Trumpocene.” (

Finally, Dr. Karen Holmberg (Visiting Scholar at NYU) will deliver “A Meditation on the Future Environment Through the Eyes of an Archaeologist” at 5pm, followed by time for discussion. (

We welcome you and your friends to participate in this dialogue about the state of the environment, the institutional structures that are meant to protect it, and what we can all do to preserve it for future generations.