Speculative Machine–Exhibitions of Earthly Truth and Metaphor

Apr. 4, 2019 - Apr. 4, 2019 Miami Museum of Art & Design

Beka Economopoulos and Jason Jones of The Natural History Museum will present a talk at the Miami Museum of Art and Design (MOAD), followed by a conversation with Dr. Angela Colbert, Senior Director of Learning at the Frost Science Museum. They will discuss strategies for presenting scientific fact in an exhibition context, the responsibility of cultural institutions to respond to climate change, and the politics that shape visual representations of nature.

This event coincides with the exhibition SUPERFLEX: We Are All in the Same Boat , on view through April 21, 2019. The critically acclaimed Danish collective, founded in 1993, tackle the economy, financial crisis, corruption, migration, and the possible consequences of global warming. Many of their humorous and playfully subversive works in this exhibition are making their American debut.