Canadian Museums Association Events

Apr. 3, 2017 - May. 7, 2017

The Natural History Museum has the exciting opportunity to participate in two discussions at the Canadian Museum Association’s upcoming national conference taking place in Ottawa this year.

Beyond Rhetoric; Beyond Neutrality: Introducing Three Game Changers

Moderator: Robert R. Janes, FCMA; Panelists: Nika Collison, Haida Gwaii Museum at Kay Llnagaay; Beka Economopoulos, The Natural History Museum, Brooklyn, New York; Hilary Jennings, The Happy Museum, United Kingdom (via video)

Neil Postman, the American culture critic, wrote that, “a museum must be an argument with its society… a good museum always will direct attention to what is difficult and even painful to contemplate.” Three seasoned museum professionals will approach this responsibility by presenting distinct examples of self-reflective museum practice that depart from traditional conventions while at the same time linking culture and nature — a profoundly important linkage essential to our collective well-being. Collectively they will offer strategies to assist museum professionals in how to “change the game.”

Introducing the Coalition of Museums and Galleries for Climate Justice
Facilitators: Robert R. Janes and David Jensen, Coalition of Museums and Galleries for Climate Justice

Canada is home to over 2,500 museums and related organizations, all of which are uniquely qualified to address climate change – based on their historical consciousness, sense of place, commitment to stewardship, public accessibility, and public trust. The mission of the Coalition of Museums and Galleries for Climate Justice is to mobilize and support Canadian museums and galleries in addressing climate change awareness, mitigation, and resilience. This informal session will introduce the Coalition and its work, in conjunction with an audience discussion of interests, concerns, and aspirations.

Canadian Museum Association Annual Conference:

Museums are key architects of Canadian heritage and culture! What would Canada’s museums and galleries look like if we defied conventional wisdom, took greater risks in how we deliver, facilitate and select cultural stories, programming and content, and really changed our game? Ottawa 2017 will be a dialogue of just that and what museums could look like in the future. Imagine that future when:

  • people embrace the power of what museums offer;
  • museums are empowered to be proactive;
  • the world is your community and the community is your world;
  • you are not limited by your bricks and mortar; and you have the resources to make things happen.

In April 2017, we’ll come together in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, to share ideas, voice suggestions and formulate strategies of what we as museum professionals can do to change the game. Please join us.