Hundreds of Scientists Take to the Streets

  • Dec 14, 2016


Here’s something you don’t see everyday: at a rally organized by The Natural History Museum and, more than 500 climate scientists took to the streets alongside Indigenous leaders and frontline community groups.

The world paid attention: we captured hundreds of news headlines across the globe, and changed the narrative from “scientists under attack” to “scientists fighting back”.

In the face of threats from the incoming administration and Congress, momentum to speak out has been growing in the scientific community. Scientists and science institutions are standing up for climate science research and evidence-based climate policy. And we’re building powerful pro-science coalitions with Indigenous and frontline communities–coalitions strong enough to defend truth and build a safe and equitable future for all.

Check out the highlights and footage from this inspiring rally and a round-up of media coverage below.


Broadcast media

ABC World News Tonight: Climate Science Showdown

ABC News National:

(1) Clinging to Hairspray, Trump Casts Cloud of Fear Over Climate Scientists

(2) Lab Coats vs. Climate Change: Scientists Rally for Research

ABC Local SF: Scientists Protest Trump Over Climate Change at SF Conference

CBS Local SF: Hundreds of climate scientists rally against President-elect Trump

CNN: Trump appointees cause climate change panic

Online and print news

Washington Post:

(1) Scientists Prepare to Fight for Their Work During the “Trumpocene”

(2) Op-Ed by Michael Mann: I’m a scientist who has gotten death threats. I fear what may happen under Trump

(3) Scientists are frantically copying U.S. climate data, fearing it might vanish under Trump

(4) Obama official urges scientists to fight disinformation under Trump

The Guardian:

(1) This is not normal – climate researchers take to the streets to protect science

(2) ‘The Time Has Never Been More Urgent’ at the World’s Largest Earth Science Event

The Atlantic: Are Climate Scientists Ready for Trump?

Nature: Is Donald Trump pushing more scientists towards political activism?

AP: Lab Coats vs. Climate Change: Scientists rally for research (140+ outlets including US News & World Report and Washington Times)

Yahoo news: Hundreds Of Climate Scientists Rally Against President-Elect Trump

VICE Motherboard: Climate Scientists Protest the Trump Administration in San Francisco


(1) Climate scientists vow to stand up to Trump

(2) Climate scientist who got death threats says he fears more attacks under Trump

(3) Climate scientist wins major court battle just in time for Trump administration

Buzzfeed: Climate Scientists Split Over How To Survive Trump

Eos: Fearful of Trump, Hundreds in San Francisco Rally for Science

ClimateWire: Climate Scientists Prepare for Battle

Christian Science Monitor: Copying countdown: Trump-wary scientists’ plan to preserve climate data


(1) Trump’s Election Leaves Scientists In A Climate Of Uncertainty

(2) KOMO Radio:

Pacifica Radio (~45 minutes in): The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays – December 13, 2016

The New Yorker: Rex Tillerson’s State of Denial

FiveThirtyEight: Scientists Protest Climate-Change Deniers Among Trump’s Cabinet Picks

GOOD Magazine: Climate Scientists Just Showed How They’d Resist The Trump Presidency

Live Science: Hundreds of Scientists Rally to Protect Climate Science

Desmog Blog: Hundreds of Scientists and Supporters Gather to Rally Against Attacks on Science

SF Gate: Geophysical Union scientists protest Trump appointments

Environmental Research Web (blog): AGU Fall Meeting 2016: Climate communication – hated and against scientific training

Take Part: Climate Scientists Take to the Streets to Protest Trump

Yale Climate Connections: Protesters Fear ‘War on Science’

Weather Underground: Hundreds of Scientists Rally in San Francisco to Stand Up For Science

Quartz: Trump’s skepticism about climate change is turning scientists into activists

Daily Camera: Boulder scientists question threat to climate data under Trump, caution against overreaction

Reveal News: Will scientists fight back if Trump attacks research?

San Luis Obisbo Tribune: letter to the editor, Fighting fossil fuels is about clean air, not just climate change

Many thanks to all the organizations that helped promote the rally, including Amazon Watch, Greenpeace USA, Sierra Club SF Bay Chapter, Oil Change International, Communities For A Better Environment, Center for Biological Diversity, Alliance for Climate Education, Digital Smoke Signals, and Idle No More SF Bay.