Museum of the Future

Naomi Klein: What is the Museum of the Future?

“The museum of the future should be a genuinely multidisciplinary space. If we’re talking about climate change, it wouldn’t just be talking about climate change as a problem of too much carbon in the atmosphere. It would be telling us why it’s there and who the interests are behind it, and what the real, structural barriers are to progress.”

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Fred Turner: What is the Museum of the Future?

“Where is the credible institution that gives me credible information by which I can take action? We need institutions with legal standing, financial backing, and some persistence in time – that’s how you make change.”

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David Ehrenfeld: What is the Museum of the Future?

“The museum of the future, if it were to do the job that it should do, would be doing much more to get at the root of the problems, even if it steps on some toes. They’ve got to be showing the whole story, not just a piece of the story.”

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